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Visa & Immigration Support Service Provider in Philippines for United Kingdom, USA & Canada, Australia & New Zealand


A visa is a certificate that is put into your passport or travel document that gives you permission to enter the United Kingdom (UK). On arrival in the UK a Border Force officer may check that you are here for the reasons you have stated. For more information about what you might expect on arrival in the UK.


Beware of agency using foreigners claiming that they have strong connection in the UK Embassy (big lies). They will promise a lot of things, just to convince you and pay them a big amount of money, that is ridiculous. Don't be foolish to believe them immediately.


An easy processing of visa to the United Kingdom. No such thing as " Guaranteed Visa", it is only the embassy that is responsible for the issuance of visa.

Open to all registered nurses, teachers, midwives and business. If you have a low IELTS you can still qualify as immigrant . Become a Registered nurse and obtain your residency. New Zealand visa for 15- 30 days. New Zealand wants registered nurse to be train and work as permanent resident. Low IELTS will be consider.

No visa, No Tuition fee scheme. Open to all skilled migration, fast track program under critical skill list. This program, is for people who are not sponsored by an employer and who have skills in particular occupations required in australia.

Canada's priority processing list, processing under priority list is within 6 to 12 months. Skilled workers are selected as permanent residents based on their educartion, work experience, knowledge of english and /or French. You can also study and work and migrate later.