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There are 8 steps to complete the visa application process.

Step 1 - Check if you need a visa
Filipino nationals: need a visa to enter or transit through the UK. You are advised to read through the visa application steps set out below before you make your application so you are clear about the procedure and requirements.

Non Filipino nationals: If you are not a Filipino national or if you are unsure if you need a visa to enter or transit through the UK please use the Do I need a visa guide on the UK Border Agency website. If you need a visa you should follow the steps outlined below. Please bear in mind that visa nationals (citizens of countries who always need a visa to enter the UK) who are not legally resident in the Philippines can only apply for a visit visa, European Economic Area family permit or a 'creative and sporting' points-based system Tier 5 visa. Visa nationals who apply for any of these visa categories may experience delays because their visa application will be referred to their country of origin, or country where they are legally resident. The UK Border Agency will not be able to process applications for any other visa categories from visa nationals who are not legally resident in the Philippines. Applicants should return to their country of origin or the country where they are legally resident and apply for a visa there.

Step 2 - Read the information on your visa category
Before you decide to apply for a visa please make sure you familiarise yourself with the information on the visa category you are applying for. Quick links to information on visa categories and other helpful information can be found on the Visa Information page on this website. You may also want to read the Immigration Rules as your visa application will need to meet these requirements.

Step 3 - Complete your online visa application form
You should submit 1 visa application for each individual applying for a visa, including children.

You must complete your visa application using the online application system. You will need access to a computer, a personal email address that you can use and have the ability to print your form and any other information.

Online visa application form

* Please ensure that you select the correct visa application for the purpose of your visit. Ensure that you complete all the sections correctly.

* Sections 1 and 2 are vital to considering your application. The information in this section must be completed accurately.

* Please print all the pages of the visa application form and bring it to the visa application centre. You should print your completed visa application form on good quality paper and ensure that the information does extend beyond the margins on the paper.

* Please make sure the bar code appears on the final page of your printed visa application form and remember to sign it.

* After you have saved and submitted your online application, you will receive an email with a unique application ID number that starts with GWF. Keep your ID number for future reference.

We are unable to accept online payments in the Philippines. Please see the Visa Application Fee page on this website for information on paying your fees.

Step 4 - Schedule an appointment
All visa applicants (apart from exempt categories and children under 5 years) must apply in person to the visa application centre to submit their biometric information. Although exempt categories and children under 5 do not need to attend the visa application centre, they will need to complete a visa application form. Applications for children under 5 years-of-age must be submitted at the visa application centre by the child's parent, legal guardian or other authorised adult. If you refuse to submit your biometric information, your visa application cannot be processed.

How to book an appointment

We strongly advise you make a prior appointment to attend the visa application centre. You will particularly value your appointment during the peak season when there may be long queues. Students and seafarers must make a prior appointment to submit their visa application.

Important: If you are part of a family or group, each member of the family or group must make an individual appointment. For example, if you are a family of 4 with 2 adults and 2 children (under 5 year-of-age) you must make 4 individual appointments.

Please make sure you arrive at the UK visa application centre 10 minutes before your appointment time.

If you are unable to book any available dates it means that all the available appointments have been taken. In this case you can still attend the visa application centre without an appointment and submit your application on Monday to Friday from 07:00 to 08:00 (unless you are a student or seafarer). Applicants without an appointment are advised that the queues to submit their visa application may take anywhere from a few minutes up to 2 hours or more depending on the number of applicants on any particular day. Applicants with an appointment will be treated as a priority.

Please note: Visa applicants are not allowed to be accompanied inside the visa application centre. The only exceptions to this policy are those accompanying children under 18 years-of-age or applicants who need special assistance for health reasons or disability.


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